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Dr. Desai’s urologic medical practice was founded in 1960 by Dr. Robert Sherman D.O. Dr. Sherman’s approach to practicing medicine was defined by his ability to offer compassionate, quality care for residents of the Lehigh Valley. He saw value in building meaningful and intimate relationships with his patients by taking the time to get to know them. His approach fostered a healthy patient-physician dynamic, where patients were comfortable confiding in him, allowing him to gain deeper insight into their problems and offer them a superior level treatments as a result. His desire to remain current and contribute to the field of urology lent additional support to his ability to offer quality care. In fact, as a recipient of the C. Condie Call Award for 3 consecutive years in a row, he was well recognized for his “outstanding contributions to the field of urology”. He continued practicing in accordance with this approach for the next 30 years, when he began to fall ill. In 1990, he interviewed potential candidates to assume responsibility for the patients he cared for. This process lead him to Dr. Pragnesh Desai D.O. 

Dr. Desai had recently graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where Sherman had also received his medical degree. The two had met previously through their mutual attendance of urologic conferences and journal clubs. It was here where Dr. Sherman became aware of Dr. Desai’s achievements in the field of urology. Dr. Desai’s commitment to the profession was evidenced by his participation at various conferences including the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons clinical assembly. Here, his presentations had earned him 1st place for 4 consecutive years in a row. Dr. Desai’s commitment was further demonstrated by his also publications in the Journal of the American Osteopathic association, Contemporary Urology, and the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.

The similarities between the doctors with respect to educational background, training, and interest in the field of urology led Dr. Sherman to name Dr. Desai as his successor to the practice in August, 1990. Since then, changes in government policies, insurance, and hospital procedures have had an increasing influence over the way medicine is practiced today. Physician shortages and increases in the availability of healthcare among Americans have also contributed to such changes. The new landscape of medicine has led to the demise of individually practicing physicians in favor of the formation of the large hospital networks that have purchased their practices. In this setting, providing compassionate, quality care has taken a backseat to productivity. A patients experience with an office visit is increasingly moving towards a situation where they spend greater amounts of time in the waiting room to see physicians who they are unfamiliar with for less and less time during each visit. 

As one of the few remaining privately owned solo-practicing urologic surgeons, Dr. Desai offers a very different experience. His patients can expect to see him during every visit, and receive the same compassionate, quality care experienced residents of the Lehigh Valley for the past 57 years. Please click here to experience the difference for yourself.